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I'm like seething with anger and confusion right now. Currently a senior and my aice class received a project to do this weekend that needed to be turned in on Monday. I also work part time at a 7/11 type of store so I told my parents and my boss that I wouldn't be able to work this weekend. Next thing you know they go ape shit and tell me how to run my life and say why can't you reschedule it or do it while you're working and I'm like who the fuck do you think I am? I can't just just postpone a project that's due in two days and expect to pass the class. Then they tell me that I'm ruining my life by being on the computer most weekdays and I'm just become fucking confuse since all our work are research papers and book reports online and they just ask that? Sorry I just had to share this, I know I'm not the only one that gets this kind of shit but man can they cut me some slack, all I'm trying to do is pass all my classes and graduate so I can get into a good college and make them proud. I'm male18 by the way so sorry for the long post and thanks for reading

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  • Ugh that's so frustrating. Parents just don't get it. Like one time my mom screamed at me to clean my room. Then she screamed at me to do dishes. Then when I was washing dishes she asked why I wasn't cleaning my room? Like wtf you told me to do this instead

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