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I've sucked more than 5 dicks in my life and I'm only in high school. Does that make me a whore? A slut? No. It doesn't. If I was a whore or a slut, I would have sucked them all at the same time or one week and onto the next or got paid for it. But did i? No. I cared about each of these people. It took me so many months to get over each person, yet so many people don't see the pain it is to get over them and along with getting called a slut and a whore. I'm tired of hearing “getting ready or prostitution?” Or something. It sickens me.

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  • high school ends. that skid of course you're not a slut, a slut is proud of the name as is the man that keeps her. you're just a harlequin girl, regretful of choices made. It's your bed, be proud of what you make of it

  • it doesn't matter what you've done. I can promise you. its just bitches doing what they do. sheer fact is you have more excitement and fun in ur life. be safe and nothing is wrong with being a whore.

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