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PLEASE HELP!!! OK so I need honest opinions. what is your take on sharing someone else's sonogram pictures on ur Facebook? I believe that its a special moment when the parent wants to share the love they feel for their child that's growing but I don't think its right for another to try to share that with complete strangers on their page. my sister shared my photo of my sonogram on her page. I have my privacy set for close friends and family. And she doesn't have that kind of setting placed on hers. but that's not my problem. I want to share it with ppl that matter to me, not the entire world. It started out as a happy feeling sharing it but I feel like she reward the moment by doing something stupid. She's not a parent and can't have kids unless her husband gets a reversal. so she doesn't understand what I am feeling but am I over reacting or is the an ok thing to be upset with? p. s.. sry so long

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  • I think it's understandable that you're upset with that, I would be too. That's a very personal, intimate thing and she just makes it public all of sudden.

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