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I want to seduce guys but I do not know how. I wear sexy clothes but that does not make them do a move, they just look. So how do I do it without them noticing?

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  • Man here, I will give you my perspective, but it is my opinion and some will disagree, it is completely up to you if you want to take my advice or not. If I see a girl in a club, bar, pub etc... who is dressed in sexy clothes, I will look, cause well, its hot. But, I will not make a move because I prefer elegant attractiveness, you don't have to dress in revealing clothes to look sexy, I prefer a little mystery, showing off the bare minimum, luring me in to see what else is there (not just physically). In the end, for me, If a woman has to use her body to get man, she has failed as a woman, same goes for men. Even if you do get attention like this, it will be the wrong attention, people who will use you for whatever the hell their preference is. You need to draw them in with mystery, and keep them there with your personality. Good luck.

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