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Alright guys I need your advice or some help... I've had a gf of 4 years going on 5 but out of those 4 years she cheated on me twice and i don't trust her and I swear I feel like she's doing something again but I can't put my finger on it BUT I met this girl she's amazing and she's made me realize that I deserve better and I can do so much better but we're just friends... I want more from her but I can't have it because I'm stuck in a relationship with my gf but I wanna break up with her but I feel like losing her sucks but then again I wouldn't have to worry about having trust issues with her.. She swears up and down she loves me but I don't know what to do... I feel like I'm stuck I feel helpless

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  • you met a girl who made you realize YOU DESERVE BETTER . Go for better... always go for better.

  • once a cheater always a cheater

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