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Being in Southeast Asia, brown skin is considered ugly but in America, they think brown skin is pretty but pale skin isn't. Meanwhile here, people would kill to get their skin whiten. They use all kinds of lightening cream and they think people who were born with pale skin as lucky.

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  • i think people should just deal with the way they look. stop tying to change what you've been given 💁

  • I don't know about America but the part about SEA is just true. I was born a shade darker than my mom (she is pale like East Asian) because the skin tone is darker on my father's side. As long as I can remember, she always complains about how I should make it lighter or suggest me several skin whitening products which don't even look legal. I'm just so tired of this shit. Growing up like that, there was a time when I constantly wished I was 'whiter' or even wished I was like a European or sth. Stupidity. Now I'm glad I came to love my skin color though her nagging is still annoying.

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