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I used to be a teacher, and I really loved it. But one of my students once falsely accused me of rape. I got kind of lucky, as she was a terrible liar, and the police, lawyers and psychologists that investigated soon found that she was just a spoiled person. I got my job back at the same school and I endured some 8 years there to show that no, I wouldn't let it ruin my life. During this time I sued 3 students, 2 teachers and 4 parents of students for saying that I was a rapist, when clearly I am not. But after these years I just said "screw it" and changed my career. I won't say I don't miss being a teacher, but the tranquility of working without having to hear stupid things or suing people pays off.

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  • The little fuckwads who falsely accuse people of rape not only ruin the lives of the teachers, but discredit actual rape victims. good for you for moving away from a huge stress sourse in your life.

  • i approve you because kids/students nowadays lack more and more of a parental education/discipline common sense and all good things to become a decent adult ... Congrats for being a teacher all those year sire !

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