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My dad has became very physically and sexually abusive after my mom left him. he blames me saying that it was my fault. he has also been coming in my room at night and doing sexual things to me like eating me out and making me give him blowjobs and handjobs. I tired telling him no and he hit me in the gut while in pain he grabbed me and pinned me down before having his way with me telling me if mom was gonna be here go have sex with him that he was gonna use me. im so scared ive tried calling mom but she wont answer i just dont know what will happen what if he gets me pregnant or hurts me really bad.

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  • I say run for your life

  • U need to get you dad thrown in prison. talk to you teaches your friends the POLICE. I know it's Scarry but living the rest of you life in the shaddow of a monster is no life worth living. Nobody deserves what happens to you, you need to be a strong person STRONGER than you think you can be. GET AWAY from you monster father get him thrown in prison. when he gets there the guards will know what he's in for, they will tell the biggest strongest inmates what he did. there's a code of conduct even among criminals, they will make you father a prison birch and he will now be the one getting raped. go to the police your dad will never walk the streets as a free man ever again.

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