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It has taken me over a week to find the words for this. l lost a significant amount of faith in humanity due to the actions of the owner/management of this restaurant. My ex husband, after a year of dedicated employment at your restaurant was let go because you were concerned that his criminal record was marring your business's reputation. A man working his butt off at your crappy little hole in the wall pizza parlor because you were the only place at the time who would hire him,to pay rent for the only place in three counties that his criminal record allows him to live, riding his bike because he had no car, to make a living for himself so that he could be a good father to his son, and you were worried that his ten year old mistake would hurt your business. Did it even cross your mind that after a YEAR of him working there, that the only reason people just now started complaining might be that someone was stirring the pot? That someone started making a big deal about it just to see him fired? It's not like the entire community isn't notified of his record twice a year anyway. So here we are. You have fired him because of his ten year old criminal record to protect your reputation. You treat him poorly when he in the spirit of honesty tells you he will need to file for unemployment to support himself and his son until he can find another suitable job. While he waits for unemployment to go thru, because you are fighting it, even though you had no viable reason to fire him except gossip, he is worried about keeping groceries in the house for his child. He is worried about where he will go if he can't afford to keep his house. He is worried about whether or not he will be able to find another job that will hire him with a criminal record (we had thought working for your business was a godsend cause of how long he had been able to work there). And you are worried about your reputation. You are worried uneducated fear-mongering people will not patron your business because you employed a felon. You are more worried about losing the customer base built of people who would see a hard working man jobless and homeless, than you appear to be worried that a community of people who believe someone who has faithfully worked for your business a year deserves to keep a job he worked hard for, deserves a chance to build a life for himself and his son. I hope your business goes under like my son's father is watching his hope slowly go under. I hope you have to worry about how you're going to feed your family with no food in your house because your business went down. I hope you have to worry about where you will live when you can't afford your house payment anymore. And I hope it all happens because your business gains a reputation for the behavior you have presented here. l pray the community has mercy on you and that you have only to worry and not truly suffer these hardships, but know that you have hurt lives because you were more worried about what people who don't matter would think of you than you were worried about how you treated the people who helped keep your business successful.

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  • he has a record so i understand him not getting hired in the first place, buting fired after a year of dedicated work is ridiculous.

  • i am so sad as i read this. in this case the only way to prove is action. An ethical and mannerism, will prove it to the world. It wont be easy road, and only few can appreciate how hard it is. But please stay strong and don't give up.

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