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I cannot stop thinking about my wife riding a nice big thick black cock. I imagine her white pussy being stretched and this huge cock going deeper inside her. Deeper than I could ever manage with my 7inches. I think about the pleasure on her face as a stranger fucks her hard. I am there watching closely as this cock slowly slides in and out of her. I wait for them both to cum and then get cleaning! I lick all the cum from her pussy first and make sure I get every single bit up and then turn to this glistening monster cock. Wrap my lips around it and suck and lick him clean. While I do this my wife sucks in my pathetic cock and I quickly cum in her mouth. I finally turn to my wife and kiss her. She hasnt swallowed my cum and makes me swallow it to mix in with all the other cum I have eagerly tasted. I really wish we could do this for real. One day I think I will be able to talk her into it

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  • you are gay, just get out of the closet!

  • What is with this pathetic Cuckolding fad?

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