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just had my homecoming dance last weekend. my friend and i danced together, he's a guy, i'm a girl. not romantically or anything - he's gay. so we had a fun time dancing together (mainly just goofy), but at the end of the night, he told me this one guy had been watching me the entire night. and i know the guy - he's in my grade. but he has a girlfriend, so naturally, i felt a little odd about that. don't wanna get on bad terms with anyone. so, at one part of the night, he had been watching me for almost ten minutes. it was in 30 second bits, so it wasn't full out creeper stares. but, he had stopped slowdancing with his date to watch me, and apparently, he kept staring at my ass. my friend said he seemed pretty embarrassed. like, he just stood there and only watched me. i'm not sure what to think of this. opinions?

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  • don't grow older with any regrets.

  • Girlfriend or not your only young once enjoy it while you can!

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