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The people I've been hanging around for a few weeks in my new class kind of made me feel like complete and utter s*** just now. as if I wasn't at a low point in my life already. So basically we were told to make groups of three or four in history class and well... the girl sitting next to me just asked the 5 others I hung out with if she could join them and they left the classroom to work outside without giving me a second look. as if I didn't even fucking exist. I wonder if they knew that I have horrible family issues and have been strongly depressed, got into a goddamn fight with my boyfriend this weekend and have been trying so hard not to self harm throughout it all if they'd reconsider treating me like that. I'm just so done with everything.

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  • Don't worry, that reminded me of my life when I was a highschool kid. I know at that moment it seemed like a big deal. But just focus on your studies, get to college and go with your life, you won't even remember the names of those losers.

  • just do your best, excel in your study and activities, others will eventually come to you. But if you meet someone to support you at your lowest point, you have found a true friend. So do not give up. Stay strong.

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