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For about two years, I had these two boys call me an ugly c*nt and they constantly told me I was going to die alone and that nobody would want me. When I went out with my friends some random guy told me I was the ugly one of the group. I was told by one of my ex-friends that I needed a training bra because I have a B cup. When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel awful. I feel pathetic for feeling ugly because doesn't intelligence mean more than attractiveness? I should be so much more than my physical appearance.

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  • B cup is perfect man. Fuck those horrible bitches, they're probably just jealous. Physically, I'm actually decent (not super attractive but still) and I have a higher than average intelligence, but some random guy walked up to me and called me a fat whore (even though I'd never even had a boyfriend before?). People say whatever mean thing they can think of to make themselves feel better. Don't listen to them.

  • where the hell do you live, that's awful! don't listen to them, intelligence IS hot!

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