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Am 15. my secret is that i love eating talcum powder. i have been eating it for the past 1 year,i stopped for 2-3 months but now i can't stop. i eat it especially when am nervous,when i feel lonely so everyday,when i cry and etc.and now i always have headache. i think i have a tumor. the point is that i can't tell it to my mom coz she would never listen to me she's very stubborn and think she knows everything in the whole world and these days there is no money,my father left us and my mom is doing everything alone. I just have to wait till 18 and travel from here and do some checkup but if one of these days i fall down and die better you know now that my life was so stupid and complicated. Nobody has never loved me. Everybody judged me and treated me like shit. i was nobody for them, (mom take care of yourself and my lil sis at least now money will be enough for you two so you don't have to work too much). Mom if you think i had friends at school well know it was a lie everybody was just so racist to me(nobody would ever like to sit near me as if i was a rubbish,when we did group for anything(sport,books) i was always the last who they choose). My life was just hell and useless and i was just so unhappy,i was not able to stay with myself i tried to smoke and drink but i was not able to do that coz i was afraid,eating talcum powder was the only way to calm me down and made me stop thinking about my life. If i die just know that i hated myself and so i was happy to be dead, if i go to heaven or hell i just don't care. the only thing that i wish is just to turn 18 and travel all the world and see the color of the sea,animals, after that God you can take my life coz then i have made my dream come true. God you created a useless human being. Share it please

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  • someone will live the rest of their life mourning you

  • Hold on, just hang in there. I've been there, no friends, my life has no meaning, my family are falling apart, I've drop out of university, but believe me, your life is meaningful. Hang in there, believe that God created you for a reason :)

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