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I'm learning & studying my 3rd language in college. I started from almost nothing but now I can communicate with it. One of my teachers even asked me to be his interpreter one time. I also got all As in subjects related to the language. So, some people think I'm a genious and not have to try too hard to achieve that... Well, hello??? I started the language in my early 20s and that makes it much harder than how it was with my 2nd which I've been learning since forever. I had to spent hours upon hours trying to do things that I enjoy that would help me with the language, even try to forced myself to self-study! I always feel like my head is gonna burst when trying to comprehend complex grammar and words that have no equivalents in my 2 other languages. It's also hard to try to get the feel of the 'natural' way in the language that can get the meaning across. (It's different for each language, like different viewpoints of the same fact.) I'm already in my 4th year and I still have much to work on all these and get depressed at times because of my inability. Bitches, when you make it sound like it's easy for me, I sometimes wanna slap you in the face.

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  • I also study a foreign language and although I don't receive the same response as you, I totally understand how difficult it can be at times so well done!

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