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Really you're gonna text me after all this fucken time.I was fine.I thought you moved.I didnt even know you evennwent to my school anymore.I was so happy .I lived my life with him care free. You're gonna text me saying you forgive me? Forgive me for what?For putting up with your bullshit? Like yeah I'm sorry for wanting to have friends.Yeah I'm sorry for flinching everytime you raised your hand at me.Sorry for talking to other people that aren't you.Sorry for not wanting to live in the prison you wanted to keep me in.Most of all I'm sorry for not accepting your marriage proposal when I was only 16.How could i say yes i was only 16? and after all this fucken time you wanna "forgive" me? Fuck you.Im fucken done with you .

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  • yessssss!!! perfect reaction

  • Salt goes in the shaker

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