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My friend likes this guy but he doesn't go to the same school as me and her. So she doesn't have any social media, just snapchat. They haven't talked in months and I messaged him on Facebook and we've been talking since. I feel awful I'm getting too attached and she still likes him yet she's talking to another guy. I even told him, I didn't want to interfere with anything and he said “I don't care what we are, as long as we're friends in the end.” Like way to make it way harder. lol But he's said sweet things like “your gorgeous and I'm really glad I met you.” He said they used to kinda like each other, but how she's a good friend he can talk to. I asked how they were and he said ”tbh not really we kinda were awkward but she was fun to talk to and idk i couldnt think of anything to talk about” She brags about him a lot. I hate admitting how it's irking me. How do I stopped getting so attached? Do I keep talking? Do I back off? I mean she's flirting with another guy... Help

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  • back off or be a bitch

  • I personally don't see much or any harm being done. If your friend really liked him then she would have made a move by now, or at least tried harder to be with him. The fact that she's flirting with another guy is also sort of iffy for me, so yeah. I think you should just continue to talk to the guy. He said so himself. They're only good friends. Whatever claim/chance your friend had is gone now. I would also recommend telling her about it if she doesnt know already. It'd suck if she found out another way and created drama between you, so talk to her about it. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck :)

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