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We didnt hit it off too well in the beginning, you thought I was a dick, but I really thought you were cool. You mistook me for one of the asshole guys, but I really hoped you would get to know me better. The second year comes by and we start hitting it off. We get to know eachother, and i fall for you, ubeknownst even to myself. When the thoughest period og my life came by, you were there for me, loving, caring and comforting, but the stress and pqin became tok much, and i couldnt resist the brief happiness that the bottle brought. You hated what I did and you felt that it was YOU that had to forgive me, even though i never wronged you. And i never purpousely would. After the tensions had loosened up, we starter talking a lot again, but this time, you did nothing but mock me. Out og faliliarity, but all you said and did hurt me, and you didnt take the hint that you were hurting me, not even when i bluntly told you. When another though perioden came around i broke down. And in my vournerable state, I lashed out. I know i was wrong to do so. You knew me well, and you knew how to hurt me, and thats excatly what you did. I know i was wrong, but you're still too blind to see your mistakes. after that it became too much for me too handle, but not only from your behalf. my other friends aswell. Now what we had is dead and gone, and you will only take it back if i go get it and bring it to life. And even though i found out you were the type og person to follow the Herd, something thats excqtly the opposite of me, regardless ofwhat I tell everyone about you and what you did too me. still want you back, and i Miss you, B. -S

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  • forget her, move on, she's a bitch

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