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I've posted about this before and it was quite long too but I still feel anxious. I'm in a great relationship with this guy. We really love and accept eachother. When he's stressed from his job and I get him mad he throws tanteums. I started a stupid fight last sunday, he refused to talk to me til I had to go home and the next day he texted me saying he didn't want any contact with me for three days, no more phoning at night, no more gaming together, no videochat for 5 days and for 4 or 5 weeks he didn't wanna meet in person. I don't know how to deal with this. I feel depressed and lonely and I'm so scared he means it. Can anyone comfort me or give me their neutral opinion? I feel so lost atm. He means the world to me.

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  • sounds like he is distancing himself from you for a break up.

  • This is a really strange reaction to an argument which are an inevitable part of relationships. If he reacts that way everyone something doesn't go his way you'll end up being on one of his "time outs" more than you actually spend time with him which is awkward. You should talk to him about how it makes you feel.

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