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Two months ago i met a guy i only knew online and who i didn't talk that much with. He was really nice and we got along great. After that we texted and talked everyday almost all the time. We agreed that he'd visit (which he did a month ago), since he lives a six-hour-drive away. I really like him, and it wasn't long that i fell for him. He seems to like me too and aldo in that way, but the distance is a big obstacle for us. We both had longdistance relationships before and they didn't end well. So we agreed that we would wait and see how thinks are going and to take it slow. I know, i have to talk to him about our possible future, about how he wants to proceed, what he is willing to give for a relationship. I am so afraid of how he might react and how he sees us. I really want this to work. I don't know how to talk to him, without appearing like some overly attached girlfriend. This is giving me sleepless nights and so much heartache. I don't want to be hurt again.

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  • I would definitely advise talking to him about it. I know it's difficult and bringing it up in conversation means you have to face up to certain realities but it's the only way the two of you can properly plan for your future. Take it from someone who avoided the topic like the plague and is now single as a pringle but still very much in love, it doesn't pay off to not talk. At least you know where you each stand.

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