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Months ago I confessed that I was failing a subject and was going to lose my career it was the last subject I need before doing my thesis and get my university degree.. this awful teacher he humilliated and bullied us constantly and he affected me to the point I didnt want to do anything (homeworks and exams) I didnt had any grades, and while going to clases what I most wanted was to run away. I dont know how but I found the strenght within myself to overcome the hopelessness and present the projects and got decent grades this partials.. still I need to do my recovery exam and finally could pass this subject I have worked all this month on the recovery project so I know I am going to graduate I am so happy I will fight for my note this friday. I am so relieved right now. And people if some teacher tries to discourage talk to someone, do your best and dont let them ruin your studies.

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  • congrats, im happy for you

  • Years ago, when I was a college student, I failed the exam and a subject because of my professor, she discouraged me and talked trash about me. I transferred schools, and studied hard, luckily got my degree. Some teachers are really mean and stupid, idk why, I never did anything to her, in fact I am quiet at school.

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