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I've a six pack, big biceps, pretty, and easy going With a good sence of humor the popular type of guy who date the chearleader captain in us series. A lots of thin girl the type of one who is pom-pom girl, tall, thin, blond are realy atracted to me propose me to go out With them. But i prefer chubby girls with large hips the problem is that they think i'm way over their league and when i learn to know them and that things became serius they think i'm playing fool of them or that i lost a bet or something, that's it's impossible for a Guy like me to love a girl like her. I got rejected by my crush who is 81kg for 1m71 (we discuss about everything) when i could get any other girl in my college :'( she just say she couldn't stand next to me she would feel so ugly that i deserved à beautifull girl. what she don't understand it's that it's her that i love. And yes she use this app (we really love the same thing in life we are so close and do so much things togheter) so you will see it and it won't change anything but i want to say it again. I love you, i don't want you to change and i totaly don't care about what others will think it's you that i want to date, and you can trust me all these girl who want to date me they can't handle the comparaison With you. Just be my queen to this bal in octobre. You're the ONE i will make you my queen i promise. Kiss (on the cheek you know why;-) )

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  • you need more confidence and dominance in how you handle your women

  • I don't understand this. Guys would love to date or sleep with girls out of their league even if the girl lost a bet. It's a win-win. Why shouldn't girls get to enjoy the same? It\s the 21st century. Worst case she had a wonderful toyboy for a while to fuck her silly.

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