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I have this friend that we hang out the two of us a lot and he is cute and tall and strong and soo soo handsome but really really stupid like Barbie stupid and I really want to you know be intimate with him cause come on im a 21 years old girl with a hottie that I like for the past 5 years in the room but I only want to have sex and play video games with him and not really talk or go out....is that wrong????

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  • THIS IS SO WRONG..... us guys don't appreciate it when someone just uses us for sex and we hate it when people play video games with us. Oh, no wait. It is the exact opposite of that. Just be honest and upfront with what you want.

  • that happened to me and we both kind of knew that it's was just a friends with benefits thing. We would game tight after the deed. If he's ok with just sex and games the it's not wrong. But most of the time someone catches feelings.

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