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hi I'm Madison the midget and I have special needs......... don't tell anyone people at school treated me like dog crap so I became homeschooled and I was okay with that until my mom died and than I had to go to my aunts became my father was not physically prepared to raise a child so I had to go back to school and was so upset 😢 and I cried almost every day after school until I found William Who I thought was so cute but I had no way of telling him because I could not talk or move or control my body so I was in a wheelchair and I wish he knew because I want to at least be friends. Than my aunt told me one day that she was going to have a child so I could not live there anymore that brokey heart so she gave me 2 options to go with my grandmother or father I did not want to go with either but I had to go somewhere so I went with my father and I was not happy for the next 3 years of my life than something happened it all changed I woke up and could control myself and so I hooked up a computer to my wheelchair and could type what I wanted to say and I told William I liked him and we became bf and 10 years later me and him have 2 kids and are happily married I can talk and control myself but I still am embarrassed to walk down the street post a pic or talk to anyone

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  • I just want you to stop talking plz

  • You're a fighter and an inspiration 😊

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