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I posted before about my boyfriend that doesn't wanna talk or see me atm. I started writing letters to him in which I talk about how scared, worried, sorry and lost I feel now. Writing them makes me feel better. When we're back in contact... should I read them to him? I'm unsure.

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  • give him one or all the letters to read himself. the words are already there and hopefully honest. why did he cut communication for 2 weeks? doing that is the absolute worst move in a relationship, communication is so important in these situations. and that's an extreme reaction. also, talking out issues like this can take a long time. sometimes hours, sometimes multiple conversations. don't settle for less than what you need just to appease him. make sure he knows and understands this has hurt and upset you. you deserve to be heard, especially in such a close relationship.

  • I wouldn't read them. it would make you look desperate and it might scare him off. I would ask him why there was no contact and in brief how it made you feel. conversation shouldn't take more then 5 minutes. any more and you become a crazed clingy chick

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