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I kinda wanna have the relationship that my parents have. they're married for quite long ( I'm 17 BTW). I can see how they love each other. they have money problems but that didn't set them apart. it made their bond stronger with each other. when my dad is pissy and so does my mom, one of them gives in. they don't give 50% love but extra of 60%. when they fight, even how serious it is, they don't take it seriously at the end.. all I find out about my parents is that they have so many talks and contribution. yet they're so loyal with each other. my dad is blind in his one eye and is not that attractive. my mom is that tough nut woman and they love each other so much even at the midst of no money. when they're broke they just laugh at it.... idk if religion the other reason ( I'm not religious that's why). but i admire that struggles they faced and didn't made it to cause of their divorce... I wish I cus find someone like that when I grow older.

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  • I know a lot of who know Jesus who are like that is why I'm asking?

  • Are they Christian?

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