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I just needed to get this off my chest There was a girl at my school who was raped and was having a tough time. I started talking to her and we became close, this is when I found out she cut herself, did drugs, and tried to kill herself. After awhile of helping her out we developed feelings and got together. In our 9 month relationship, she stopped cutting herself, I prevented her 3 times from committing suicide, she stopped doing drugs, she got a job, a lot of new friends, and her life was finally on track. But then, when she felt she didn't need me anymore, she started treating me like dirt, and dumped me. To this day she refuses to admit everything I did for her. My only condolence is that I saved a life

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  • It sucks but the painfull truth is it is your own expectations that let you down. Did you go into this friendship/relationship explaining to her that she was obligated to stay with you if you helped her out of her current state, did you lay down a set of rules , if not then she owes you nothing... You did what you did because you wanted to ... now pick yourself up brush yourself off and move forward.

  • look you did a good thing and you are a good person the hell with her you will find someone that deserves you

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