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You know something that has been bothering me for years is the ignorance of people who fail to see that they got racism the wrong way. Hey believe it or not, racism doesn't mean to think white people are superior compared to any other. It means to think one race is superior compared to the rest. That means yes, African Americans can also be racist. Guess what?! Even Hispanics can be racist. I hate it when everyone's excuse is that the White People will prevent us from doing things. Then to lead that up, they end up trying to start something by excessively advertise that they're the superior race and such. Start name calling and insulting Caucasians. Well, people need to cut the shit out and realize that verbally attacking another race with comments on what's wrong with Caucasians and why theirs is the best is still considered to be racist. . . . TLDR: You can still be racist even if you're not Caucasian. Racism means to think that one race is superior over others. And because I know there will be those who believe I'm being bias. I am. I'm a child of two Mexican parents who came to California. Born and raised in a city where there are an exponential amount more Hispanics and African Americans than Caucasians within 10 miles. The encounters I've had with Caucasians have always been mixed. You can't just stereotype an entire race because of a bad experience you had with one person. Let's open our eyes and realize that with hate we can't progress, we're all human but yet hate like we there are only some of us who are worth anything.

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  • the thing is that racism is always a structural problem so in large parts of the world, black people literally cannot be racist against white people because those are not oppressed. "reverse racism" does not exist. but theoretically you're right

  • could get away*

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