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I don't get it... I thought people didn't like sharing their weed, although I'm no expert! I tried it more than a few times as a kid, but I decided it's not for me and never looked back. Tonight, though, a nice guy I have classes with, but hardly know, walked into my dorm and asked if I wanted to sesh with him. I thanked him for the offer and told him my situation, so he laughed and said he'll keep looking for someone. Thing is, I almost hopped up and chased after him like, "WAIT!!!" I kinda want to get high. It's been years, and I've been very stressed out lately (except today, I had a great day). I messaged him and told him I was thinking about it for another night, and that it will most-likely be a one-time deal. He said, "Then I'll make it worth it!" What a guy😂 Think it's a good idea though?

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  • Make sure he hits it first and watch his reaction.

  • It's ok ur young so just do it and dont worry

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