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i heard my older sister crying in her room when i came home the other night but when i knocked on her door she said "please dad not again". I had no idea what she memt but this so i went in to find her curled in a ball naked i asked her what had happened and she told me that our dad had been raping her. I handed her clothes to her and asked her if she needed anything she asked me to lay in bed with her that dad wouldnt do anything to her if i was there so i did and have been since hes came in a few times and just leaving after seeing me in there. i dont know what to do i feel so bad for her😔.

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  • okay you guys wanna know the truth me and her have had sex together since that first night i found he but it wasnt until a few nights later when she thanked me for laying with her and making her feel safe and i kiss her on the forehead and told her that i loved her and of course id make sure she was safe but then she kissed me on the lips very deeply and said she loved me to but in a different way then she climbed on top of me and i told her to stop that i didnt wanna hurt her that she would regret it and she said she would that shed been thinking about it for a couple days and that she wanted to do it we made love that night it was rough it was slow and gentle she was on top doing the movement i was along for the ride i fwlt bad about it for a long while but i talked with her last night and she said that its okay that she wanted it that i was nothing like dad did that he held her down and made her do it but that with us she was willing and loved it it bothers me but i guess shes right

  • ask her if she enjoys incest. if yes, join your dad next time

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