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About 12 years ago.. When I was 6. I used to live with my mom, my aunt and my uncle. My aunt and my uncle had by that time a girl that was 2 years older than me. My aunt would work, my mom would too and he did as well - just that sometimes he would come back home early. He used to take me upstairs and said he would give me candy. And one day, he took his dick out and grabbed my hand and started making me touch him. I didn't know what I was doing at the time. I was unconscious of what ' sex ' or ' sexual parts ' meant at that time. I was only 6 and he took advantage of that. He made me lick and try to suck on his dick. And I would only lick it really quick and back off cause I wasn't are of what I was doing was right or wrong. I told I'd ask my aunt if that was right to do. And he said ' you don't need to ask her. I already did and she said yes. Anyways it's our secret '. And he would touch my legs, and my body and I still have memories flashing back about that. How it wasn't one , or two it was multiple times. And as I grew older I understood what was happening and it disgusted me him coming near me. It disgusted me him trying to feel on my legs up rubbing his hands up and down. I hate him because he was my uncle. I hate him because he made me do something I was unconscious of at the time. I hate him because I feel rape even if there wasn't penetration. He raped my incense. And most of all I hate him cause I been keeping this secret with me for 12 YEARS! Just to protect the well being of his family and because I'm scared no one would believe me.

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  • I'm sorry you went through that babe

  • Im sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope you let your family know what happened to you. I hope they beat the shit out of him.

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