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How do I hold up a conversation? Most of my conversations lasts for 20 -30 secs(tbh 5-8 secs in that period are silence). That's just shitty. I feel like people don't want to talk or make friends with me. I want to make friends. I am an introvert and to overcome that I have started talking to people. My conversation mostly includes "What time did you wake up?, What did you have for your breakfast?, What car do you have?, a lot of question I ask". I feel like I'm invading someone's personal space by asking them personal questions. 2 of 10 people asks me back. I have no idea what a basic conversation is like? The internet doesn't seems to have a perfect answer for my questions as most websites say to speak up. I don't want to be a boring and shitty fellow or an extreme extrovert. I just want to make friends with someone who I can talk to like 10-15 mins. I don't want to make friends inside a chat room or facebook. I don't want to be famous either. Please help me friends.

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  • for a friendly question, i like to ask what type of pizza you would be. for a little more flirty questions i ask, if i was an ice cream, how would you eat me?

  • Timas.shark. thats my kik, I'll put you thru a crash course with examples etc provided you don't hit on me or get weird and sexual. I'mma girl btw from UK.. yaay. and yh my kik is weird buts the first part is an acronym not a name so yh.. it's perfectly aiight ya know.

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