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September 6, 2015 There is something I have to tell you. Something that I need you...something you deserve to know. I first meet you in 8th grade and that's when it happened. I would say the middle of 8th grade but who knows? The point is I don't know when it happened when you somehow fucking warmed your way in but sudenly I started noticing things. I noticed things about you that only someone who is in love notices. And I kinda hate you for it. I hate you because what I want doesn't matter. My heart is ruined because of you. It's getting fucking over worked every time I see you. Everytime someone mentions your name I can't help but pay that much more attention to what their saying. And when you say my name or when we hold a two second convosation. It makes me happy, awrkard, uncomfortable...why? Because I'm lying to you. Because you don't know that my thoughts go beyond "friendly" Did you know that they hunt me? But don't you worry because you'll never see this. 

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  • when I read the first sentences i though it was about me xD Don t worry it is not the case.

  • This is something near and dear to my heart. I wanted to share it. I will post a journal entry everyday.

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