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My fiancée doesn't like giving or receiving oral. Personally I enjoy both, I've gone down on him twice and both times he climaxed so I didn't understand what the issue was. Once I asked him why he doesn't want me to do it and he said because he climaxes too fast and he wants to use his energy on me instead. Recently he told me he doesn't like it because I've kissed him after I swallowed his cum and he "feels like it's gay, even if it's his own penis"? In all my past relationships, my partner's enjoyed it so I never thought it was an issue. I wish he expressed this with me because now he doesn't like oral. What guy doesn't like oral?!

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  • My gf give me head so passionately that I am addicted now and most of the times I cum in her mouth and believe me I cum more hard in her mouth rather than in her pussy. love her sucking my dick

  • I love the taste of cum makes my pussy so wet. who wants to eat it out hehe

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