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I know you're not all that romantic and honestly I wasn't either.. until I met you. I really like you. I know we only met a few weeks ago but I fell for you; hard. In history, you always look me in the eyes from across the room and we just keep eye contact for a while. It's nice. We're both smiling and not focusing on what the professor is saying, I'd rather keep looking into those beautiful eyes anyways. I didn't realize I was falling for you until I started noticing the little things you did. The way you tuck your hair behind your ear. The way you talk about something you're passionate about. The way you walk. The way you communicate. That face you make when you're trying to concentrate on something. Those stupid notes we exchange that have a lot more meaning than any observer would know. I didn't know I was falling for you until you touched my hand.. at first by accident, but you didn't move. You moved your hand right onto mine and I just looked at you. I loved how you wouldn't make eye contact with me, but still wouldn't move your hand away. I loved how you bit your lip because you were nervous of how I might've reacted. I loved how discreet it was. No one was aware of what was happening but us. I didn't know I was falling for you until the first day we held eye contact. I want to be with you so bad.

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  • careful what u wish for, love ain't all sunshine N roses.

  • My god, send him this fucking letter. Jesus you've clearly got nothing to lose, God knows how long it took you to type that shit out

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