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while i dont fully understand trans people, i support them, but this new thing of trying to de-gender everything doesnt make sense to me. I mean, dont trans people WANT to be a specific gender? So how does getting rid of gender steriotypes in the kids toy/Costume sections help anything? If a born boy wants to wear a girl's princess costume then okay let him - you dont have to (and also cant because a princess is a female prince) change the gender. also, when people say things like "girls have vaginas" and someone tries to correct girls to humans. no, not humans, because men dont have vaginas. the end. if youre trans but dont have or want surgery then i guess thats one thing but with cis people...why is it being corrected? maybe its because i dont fully understand that section of the LGBTQ community but i just dont get it. 💁 anyone care to explain?

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  • It's the concept that people can be what and who they want to be. They shouldn't be stereotyped with their gender and most definitely shouldn't be judged for being who they want. A lot of people who to you may be transgender.. won't even go by any labels. They'll live freely and be who they want to be, your opinion is invalid.

  • As a bisexual, I totally understand where you are coming from and I agree. its a bit much

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