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I'm scared to go to school I don't want to I dint have a lot of friends I'm quieter than everyone I find that I'm boring

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  • This is my fucking same story i don't understand why it make me feel like shit , i know im boring to people i dont find a reason to talk to people and socialize fast as they do imbpolite with most of them but i dont know what to do i dont even got a best friend , my friends are just like classmates i dont have a person ghat cares for me im not even ugly or nerd to be hated but its my personality i would just like to live in a place with no neighbors or be in a cell with a person to socialize a became best friends i cant get a talk if theres another person cause always they start talking between them and let me just hearing cause no one got the same things i like im quite more mature than my age which is 15 , i dont get why my stupid mind fucked classmates think in shit without sense like making shit explode and hitting themselves i can beat the fuck out of them if i got harrased some time but no one even talk with me im also good looking and fit but my personality is like shit im too silent, and dont talk , also i dont get how to make friends why the fuck i dont even ask for being breed but you know life happens if ypu are reading this i would say life if beutiful u are unique , but NO we are fucking the same theres no goal in life just breed and make our sons get depressed and shit , im 15 , fuck this shit called life i always get this prwdoctions in my life i could be a businessman and im really intelligent but im aleays thinking on working on a normal office job like a callcenter getting a low salary just to get a shitty used car , a gaming console, no girlfriend, saves for who knows what and more common shit, as i said im too intellingents thats the reason i dont het to talk with people , theres a big difference between inteligence and being open minded and smart , i dont give a shit about you saying im not intelligent because of my grammar , english is my second language i speak in spanish , in leafning italian just for fun and i know i shouldnt start learning iralian when my english is still pretty bad but fuck this i gueds i will just wait for whats next in life and more boring shit. If you read all this you should got my snapchat to get an interesting chat and i will probably learn how to "socialize " Snapchat: jacoboperdomo

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