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Being a virgin, one thing I have an obsession for is used panties. Whenever I get the chance to sneak into someones closet and find some panties, I go for it. The most recent pair I took, belongs to my nest friend's sister. She's such a cute and petite girl, but I never troed anything because her brother is a good friend and it would feel awkward. However, I have thought about how it would feel to fuck her. That being said, I went over to my buddie's house recently, and long story short, while he was in the bathroom I snuck into his sister's room and looked for the dirty basket in her closet. Jackpot. I pulled out a beautiful, little pink thong and threw in my jacket pocket. When I went home that night, my cock was so fucking hard. I wrapped that dirty little thong all over my dick after I licked on the inside for several minutes. The thought of her thong being worn, knowing her perfect little ass cheeks had the lace riding up between them, her pussy lips under them, fuck... love it.

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  • Now the hard part would be returning it..

  • do you have morev stories about stealing panties. How was the thong? was it full with her discharge? did it smell good? the smell last longer if you don't lick it.

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