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When my cousin and I were younger, we were always curious about sex. We were very open with each other. One night, I slept over her house while her brother was out sleeping at his friend's house and her mom was snoring in her room; she was a very heavy sleeper. It got to the point in that night where me and my cousin were just sitting there watching porn videos. I was rock-hard. Later in the night, she asked me to lay on her. I was confused, I looked up and she was lying down in her bed wqiting for me. She had pajamas on and I had basketball shorts and a shirt. She obviously saw the lump in my shorts as I stood up nervously. I lied on top of her with my heart racing and it felt awkward. But within a few seconds my hips were thrusting upwards between her legs. I dry humped my cousin for several minutes, it felt so good. She then asked me if I wanted to see her in underwear, of course I said yes. She showed me her undies and watched me jerk myself off to her. 😈

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  • Mannnn why did you not get some?

  • did she let you watch her?

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