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I have a dream of that depends on seeing how wonderful life is. I Basically only get it from running and that's that main purpose i'm still alive. I have a dream that one day take of and say goodbye to everything that limits my freedom. One day i want to sell everything i have, house, car etc, I'll step out into the world with my running shoes on and a credit card in my pocket. Then i let the feet take me whereever they go, to places I wouldn't have visited. I dream to share this lifeexperience with someone, someone that always runs along, as bad as good, as sunny as rainy and so on. But one day I shall return home, home where i belong, the place that I was born as a runner and where i'll die as a runner.

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  • I'm glad you enjoy running but your "plan" to sell your house and everything you own just to finance an extended jogging vacation is poorly thought through and the height of terrible financial planning. What are you gonna do when your trip is over and you're homeless?

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