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I'm 19 years old, And i did all the stuff posible, i took drugs, all kind of them, been to jail 1 year for beating a poor bodyguard,who tried to tell me respectfully to stop dinking, i drink alot, and smoke cigarette from when i was 10 years old, and now, i'm ashamed of me somehow, and i really want to have a normal familly, and i hope that my past experience will help me educate my kids, and for them to be a friend, not a "stupid parent" because i was off the course, and i feel bad. This is a message for all whi thinks that doing all that stuff is "cool" it's not. You are ruining your life for nothing, for me it was a little late,but for you it can be the beggining of your life. (Sorry for my bad english not my native language) .

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  • I hope you don't ever go back to that life. Good luck.

  • I wont do that, i will try the bes of me to change, and i have quit smoke weed and all the things, i just want to be happy.

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