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I'm very concerned about my little sister. My parents are getting a divorce and I cry very often. But my sister haven't said a word about it to me. I want to help but she keeps pushing me away. Help

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  • Maybe that is her way of coping with it. Some go and grab food from the fridge; some don't eat at all; some go and smash things; some scream into their pillows; some write it down into their diaries; some go to seek friend's comfort and others don't want any human contact. Tell her you are there for her and if she needs a hug, a word, someone to listen - tell her to come to you, but that's pretty much you can do. You can't force someone to talk if one doesn't wish to speak, but you can let her know you're there for her.

  • As harsh as this may sound now, try and have a big fight with her, so that she'll hopefully snap and cry and just scream her frustration out because it seems like either she wants to stay strong or just doesn't know how to cope with the situation. Don't turn away from her, though.

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