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It took me a whole summer to get over my ex. After telling myself how I deserve better and how he's a slut, he started texting me again in the beginning of the school year. He got bored of me and started flirting with girls while he was with me. I feel as if I wasted the summer to only be built up and fall even higher. I don't want to fall for him again. Any advice on how not to fall for your ex?

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  • Do.not.talk.to.him. -_-

  • You have to meet new people. And the hardest part is having faith and patience. Meanwhile, it's best to invest your energy on yourself and grow as a person. By doing so, you're going to learn to raise your standards in a guy. But if you really want to see how much he wants you, you defintely should make it hard on him. How far will he go to earn you back? Once you realize this, you'll know if you deserve better.

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