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There's this handsome guy in my school. I was in love with him so when he made a move, I gave in. We kinda used to meet up in secrecy to do whatever we're doing. We actually never kiss though even though I want to. He keeps avoiding it. Then one day, he asked me out on a date. I was really happy. But then I never thought that I'd only get my heart broken because on the day of our so called 'date' he brought with him a girl and introduced her as his gf. I was so broken hearted that I didn't go to school for days. He kept trying to contact me but I ignored him. When I finally got my shit together and decided that I should be strong and he's just another asshole, I went back to school. I was ready to move on and tried to entertain the guys who were really interested in me. I was going pretty well. I didn't ignore him or whatsoever because that would mean I'm affected or something. On my way home, I went with some guys who I hang out with in one of the school orgs that I'm a member of. They dropped me at my apartment. He was nice to me before. But that night the asshole came uninvited and forced into bed. I wanted him to stop because he has a girlfriend already and it would be unfair for her but I can't deny the fact that I was also turned on. I hate the fact that he could claim me just like that. He got mad that I protested and refused to kiss him. I told him that 'but we never really kiss' and then he accused me of fucking someone else those 2 days that I didn't attend school. He called me slut for sleeping with someone when the truth is I really did not. I hate him! I mean, how dare he accuse me when he's the one who has a girlfriend. But I also love him and I can't deny that. I really want to meet nice guys and get to know them and may be fall in love so I can finally move on. But I can't even talk to any guys anymore because when I do, he always has a way of getting me and tell me I'm a whore and I'm hungry for dicks. Even though I already told him to stop doing it because he has a gf, he still does it. I told him to have sex with his gf instead but he said that he doesn't want another uhmm.. p*ssy. I keep protesting even though I also want him badly. I just want to run away now. I want to tell anyone but I can't coz that would ruin not only his but also my reputation.

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  • DONT GIVE IN. stay away from that guy and talk to his girlfriend. oh, and don't let him ever again in your apartment. what a creep!

  • He seems violent, he lies, he is a cheater, and he dominates you like you're a piece of meat, and you LOVE him. WTF is wrong with you? Grow a fucking backbone and kick the motherfucker in the nuts!

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