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he said he likes me. but why doesn't he exert any effort. he's from south and i'm from north. it only takes 3 hours of bus ride for us to meet. we have common real life friends. he saw me on facebook and decided to add me, we chatted for months before he asked for my number. we texted for 3 years but we never met. our common friends keep on telling me he's not worth it because they know him personally but im stubborn and i still believe in him. what should i do? should i forget him? 3 years is enough but he didnt make a move. :( help

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  • Move on and forget about him... I know it's not easy especially since you've had high hopes.

  • I think you should forget him, 3 years are more than enought for making a move. For example, my boyfriend is 6 hours from were I live and we were talking for a little bit for of a year when he make the first move. Your friends know both of you, so I think you should try to move on and forget about that boy.

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