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What's the biggest misconception people have of you ?

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  • These ones are connected. They think I slack a lot and can't deal with even the slightest discomfort, because I sometimes complain about the stupidest things. I don't slack or skip school. I have several neurological disorders, one of them causes me permanent pain. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can't even get out of bed. They also think I'm clumsy, because on my bad days, I trip a lot, and things just slide from my grip, because I can't properly control my muscles. I would never sleep in school if I had the choice. I don't. I have narcolepsy, and I wish that it was different. And discomfort means next to nothing to me. I only complain about little things because no one really wants to hear what actually upsets me. No one wants to hear that I fainted on my way down the stairs again and have bruises everywhere that hurt like hell. No one wants to hear that my headache is so bad I'd love to shoot myself just so the pain stops. But when I say nothing, people like me even less. I really don't want to sound like my life is miserable, it isn't. I love being alive, and I love seeing new things, I love my family and my friends, I love my cats and my dog, I love the sun and the rain and the wind, I love the falling leaves in autumn. But I wish there was someone, at least one person, that would like to hear how I'm really feeling when they ask me how I am.

  • that im heartless because i can't react properly when they cry out to me

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