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I am in a long distance relationship with a really great guy, but he never talks to me. I decided not to text him first and see how long it took to hear from him. 26 days. And when I asked where he had been, he just said "working a lot". I get that having a job is difficult, but I'm a full time college student and I still make time for the people I care about. His lack of expressing any feelings for me anymore has pushed me away and now I'm starting to fall for my best friend... I feel bad for falling for someone else- especially a girl- but I just feel like sometimes he doesn't care about me as much as he used to, and she really does care about me.

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  • UPDATE: It's been 3 months since I heard from him and I'm now dating the girl I fell for. We're very happy together.

  • In the same situation with you right now but he only takes 3 days and would say sorry. He doesn't talk either though..

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