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What if I'm actually a lesbian? I mean, I don't really fancy having sex with a girl, especially not oral sex, but I also don't take much interest in the penis, I think it's kind of gross and especially semen disgusts me. I am attracted to boys, but also to masculine girls, and had a about a year long crush on my lesbian friend several years ago. I've been in a three year long relationship with a guy, and very much enjoyed the sex with him while the relationship was going well, but ideally I'd have nothing to do with his semen and was not really that interested in touching his penis with my hands.. I went on a date with a girl once, but that felt completely wrong. But I have been to plenty of dates with boys where it felt completely wrong too..! If I see girls falling for each other or female couples in series or movies or reality TV, I feel this kind of connection to them, like I envy them and feel like I have something in common with them. It really makes me think, maybe I actually am supposed to be with a girl, not a boy? Even though I'm not all that sexually attracted to girls? Nor boys though?Maybe I'm asexual? I don't really want to have children either, is that a factor in this inner battle of mine? So confused :(

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  • Update: I've discovered that I'm actually demisexual!!

  • I don't know how to label myself either, don't stress yourself, unless you can't find peace. Get a therapist then, not because you're mentally ill, but to have someone to talk to and someone who is actually educated on such means and not internet people

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