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Recently I've left my ex and now I'm living with my aunt and little sister. My sister is from my father's side of the family and she recently came here to America and she's 10 years old. I just met her a few months ago. I also just recently reconnected with my father's side of the family after 8 years. At first things were going okay, I share a room with my sister. Things were just fine until I realized my sister is a lying thief! She steals my things and lies about it (like food, art supplies, make up), she also steals things from my aunt and grandma. She's always running around and screaming like an idiot and she's only 10 but she's the biggest slut I know, she crushes on anything with a penis. I try to have patients with her but things are getting worse. She's now damaging my clothes and art work. I bought a pair of white shorts and she put ketchup on them, she also put mayo and ketchup on my towel and I've been working on a canvas for sometime now, I'm very proud of my work and she poked a bunch of holes in it. And my diary that I've had for years went missing and I can't blame it on her because I have no proof. Basically my confession is some times or often I fanaticize about my sister going back to live with her mom, or dying or me just beating her badly or shaving her head. She's so obsessed with her hair, she's extremely self centered. She tries so hard to make me jealous which is useless because my hair makes her hair look like shit. Anyway I want her out of my life.

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  • I've already spoken to my dad and aunt they believe me but they refuse to do anything about it. So she's running around freely destroying everything. I was given permission to beat her but that's not my job. I have to admit I'm very spineless. I don't pick fights with people I don't know. Even though she's much smaller than me I don't feel comfortable hitting her even though I get angry enough to. I especially can't hit her because once I do she's destroy everything I have. I watched her destroy one of our cousins school supplies for no reason. Just because she was mad. And for some reason she's now picking on me the most. She tries anything she can to bother me or piss me off. but I just try my best to ignore her. she makes my poor grandma want to kill herself. She's been nothing but a curse on this family.

  • She honestly sounds like a sister from hell, I would wait until she falls asleep and take a pair of scissors and chop all of her hair off. Then I would go to sleep with a smile on my face and sleep like a baby. When she walks up in the morning and screams, I would pull that same card she uses, that "I don't know what your talking about, I didn't do anything" card. That would straighten that little brat out and I'm sure you would be the last person she ever crosses wrong 😉

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