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Please, if anyone is really reading this, I need you to know something. Please, never disown or shun your child, whether the child is young or an adult. I need to let people know. If you do, they will never be the same, again. It will break not only their heart, but it will break their very soul. Please, feel free to pass this message along to anyone. If anyone sees this message and it helps one child...then my life was not in vain. Thank you so much.

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  • THANK YOU! My mother took me away from my dad when I was young so I never knew him, then when I had the gall to move away from the family farm and get married she disowned me. To this day if I think my wife is going leave me I seriously contemplate suicide for fear of abandonment. Little fights too. It is a severe phobia no one knows about.

  • that can be hard to do if you and the other parent don't see eye to eye or one uses the kids as a bargaining chip to get their way but I agree with you

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